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Saturday, December 04, 2004

So you want to go to an university?

This is your successful guide to being accepted in to any university of your choice.

Let's face the truth,Everybody dosen't grow up in a well off family. Which means everybody can't pay a Harvard rate tuition. Luckily for you there are loop holes called financial aid and scholar ships. Scholarships give money to students who want to go to college. They don't just give money away for anything. The students have to either meet standards or have done an exceptional deed. There are different forms of scholarships. Scholarships can be given for being an all-star athlete or excelling in academics. Financial aid is a government funding program that sends people to school who don't have the money.
Colleges are looking for well rounded students. Yes, it's good to be an honor student but, it's even better to be an honor student who plays varsity basketball. Students should always have extra curriculum activities to fall on. Now, I'm not saying to go out and join every club. A student should join two or three clubs or organizations that they like and can follow through with. When a student joins a club and quits in the middle colleges see a red flag. It shows that the student is undetermined, not focused, and can't stay with anything.
Just because colleges are changing admission requirements don't mean that they don't care about academics. In the ninth grade you should start developing a solid academic foundation. Take the most challenging classes you can handle. You should think about what kind of career you want to pursue. When you have an idea of what you want to do, you should take classes that will tie in with your college major. Try to take classes that will benefit you. What good is fine arts and you want to be a pediatrician? Your sophomore year should be focused on preparing for the SAT. One should start taking SAt prep classes and keep building on one's strong academic foundation. One junior's year should be filled with college tours and scholarship look-ups. The final senior year should be filled with college acceptance letters and scholarship offers.


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