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Saturday, December 04, 2004

A complete monthly guide for high schoolers

AUG-NOV Academic prep
DEC-FEB College mapping
MAr/April College exam prep
May College search
June campus visits, summer jobs, clubs, summer enrichment programs

AUG Planning your college major
SEPT finding and comparing colleges
OCT Prepare and submit your applications
NOV Understanding college costs
DEC Take CLEP courses
JAN Starting finacial aid
FEB Continue finacial aid
MAR Finding summer job
APRIL Apply for finacial aid
JUNE Look for a car
JULY Buying school supplies
AUG Getting your finacial needs in order
SEPT Starting class


  • At December 10, 2004 at 6:24 AM, Blogger batgirl said…

    Even though this isn't really a traditional paragraph, it's still important to post. The main idea of this paragraph would be to help a senior or even a junior plan his/ her school year and summer that will help the student comfortably get to college. It' s a good guide.
    There isn't really a question above the guide, but it does have a title. Considering the title, the information does go well with it.
    Since the paragraph is actually a table, I can't tell if it was written in her own words. I advise the writer to also state what sources she used to get such sufficient information so students could get even more information from that source.
    I believe that people on the internet will be able to understand the content of the paragraph, and also find the information interesting. It's a great plan to look at and it almost makes me panic. There is just so much stuff it seems like I need to do!

    Edited by: Lindsey Q.


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